Refreshed Change Room Logo

The Power of Good Design and Collaboration. We collaborated with Katharina Sussek and Jens Müller, founders of Studio Vista, a Düsseldorf-based digital design agency and their Digital Design class from Hochschule Düsseldorf HSD.

The Future of Fashion

Change Room Founder Dr. Monika Hauck spoke with Karolina Landowski about the responsibility of the fashion industry at the resent issue of the VIVID Magazine

ROOTS: Fashion, Passion and Compassion

Dr. Monika Hauck held a keynote speach at the Creative Mornings Düsseldorf event on how she lost and then regained her passion for the fashion industry.

ARTWERK International Creative Industries Forum Moscow

Dr. Monika Hauck travelled to Moscow to attend the 3rd German-Russian International Creative Industries Forum, ARTWERK 2019, as a testimonial for the creative entrepreneurship and fashion industry on behalf of the City Düsseldorf.

Award for Retraced

We are extremely happy to announce that Düsseldorf-based blockchain startup Retraced has been awarded a special price for Digitization and Sustainability as part of the 2020 Deutscher Nachhaltigkeitspreisis.

From Fast to Fair Fashion

The major players of the fast fashion industry such as Zara and H&M aim to become more sustainable.